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What we are doing
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The Joyful Singers are a 5-voiced choir, founded in 2000 in Berlin/Germany.
The some 25 singers, mostly non professional vocalists, meet once a week for rehearsal.
We do mainly Gospel music - not only because of its stirring expressivity, but also due to its deep roots in the everyday life and religion of the poor people.
Moreover the repertoire includes songs from Latin America or Europe, and recently we also added compositions of our own. Some of the members play an instrument which can be heared in concert as well.
The rehearsals take place regularly on Thursday evenings in the 'Prenzlauer Berg' district. We typically give concerts once a month (both on Saturday and Sunday). In the summertime we use to organize a one-week concert journey.
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How to contact us
  The conductor is Simon Berg.
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Who we are
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Natalie Andreh   sop
Anett M. Atris   alt
Conductor:  Simon Berg   keyb, arr
Lydia Bischof   alt
Philipp von Bruchhausen   ten
Tiziana von Bruchhausen   sop/mez
John Gordon   bas
Anne Haase   alt
Thomas Heeg   ten, git, harp
Evelyn Henschel   sop
Hans Henschel   ten
Helmuth Heydenreich   ten
Katrin Marheinecke   alt
Andreas Otto   bas, tp
Holger Pfefferle   bass
Christoph Riegler   bass
Heike Saalfeld   alt
Simone Schulz   sop, vi
Sarah Thörner   alt
Wiebke Ufkes   sop/mez
Yelena Wainman   alt
Mark Wilson   bass
Ulrike Wuttke   sop
Facts & Numbers
The Joyful Singers do exist since 2000. The choir has been founded by Jürgen Beyer and he conducted it until 2016.
Traditionally our concerts are arranged in churches and are attended by about 150 to 400 listeners. All organisational and public promotional work is our own duty, as well is the design of concert posters and CD's.
In average we appear in twelve concerts (and with but few songs in two church services) per year, distributed over eight weekends. Half of these performances take place in Berlin, a quarter in its near or farer vicinity, another quarter during a concert tour in the summer.
We normally decline to sing at company events or weddings.
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