The Joyful Singers: Texte

To Raise A Child

© Text: Hans Henschel, Musik: Jürgen Beyer, 2011.
    Deutsche Übertragung

chorus: What does it take to raise a child?
      A village, a village in the woods.
To comfort those dejected?
      A care for dignity and fairness.
To guard the unprotected?
      A brave and vigorous awareness.
What does it take to calm the wild?
      A glimpse of hope, a share of goods.
1 verse: What does it take to rule the nations?
Not armies or police!
To help those battles cease
Needs fairness, honesty and patience.
2 What does it take to live in peace?
Esteem and tolerance,
Relinquishment and confidence,
An earnest willing to appease.

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