The Joyful Singers: Texte

As Long As The Soles Of My Feet

© Text: Hans Henschel, Musik: Jürgen Beyer, 2006.
    Deutsche Übertragung

chorus: I'll thank you, my Lord, from the day of my birth
and as long as the soles of my feet face the earth
that you showest your kindness and mercy to me
that you chose me to witness how gracious you be.
1 verse: You're the God of my childhood to whom I did pray
when I was in trouble and my parents away,
the God of the legends from old Israel
of whom to me sunday school's teacher did tell.
2 When I grew up and certainty vanished away,
when my faith and devoutness did quickly decay
and I found myself tumble from complacence to doubt -
You're the God who continued to care about.
3 Now I know it, my Lord, I am still on the way,
no truth can be found that forever will stay.
May I walk righteously, may I go wrong -
You're the God that is changing and traveling along!

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