The Joyful Singers: Texte

Vision Of Your Peace

© Text: Hans Henschel, 2010.
    ... nach dem deutschen 'Komm in unsre stolze Welt' von Hans Graf von Lehndorf

1 verse: Come into our haughty world
With your courting love and patience.
Might and money overcome,
Hinder what depraves the nations.
Hatred and concern will cease
In a vision of your peace.
2 Come into our wealthy land,
You who loves the weak and poor.
Wake our mean and foolish heart
That we may resist the lure.
From our cornucopia feed
Those who suffer in their need.
3 Come into our noisy town,
Pour your silence in the streets.
That those living in despair
Strengthen their reluctant feet
On their way through fuss and fight
Towards your eternal light.
4 Come into our steady house,
You who's insecure and drawn.
Make of it a flimsy tent
That barely covers us 'til dawn.
For who's living safe and sound
Forget that they're on shifting ground.
5 Come into our murky heart
With the brightness of your light,
That your truth will be unveiled
Even in the darkest night,
That you glorify a man
Out of envy, woe and pain.

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